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Lil Wizard
price: $165
price: $399
Wonder Wizard
price: $449
Original Wizard
price: $549
Giant Wizard
price: $999
Coin Twister
price: $2399
Coin Vortex
price: $2599
Mega Wizard
price: $2699
Mega Triple Play Wizard
price: $3199
The Wizards The Original Spiral Gumball Machines

At Global Gumball we have a Wizard for every occasion. Our Wizards come in different colors, shapes and sizes. The Wizards can vend everything from M&Ms to 2” capsules. Some Wizards are small enough to sit on a counter and some are the height of NBA stars. One Wizard can even vend up to three different products. All can come with our special LED lighting system. Unleash the Wizards and watch the magic happen for you.

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