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Classic - Global Gumball Classic Machine


Classic - Global Gumball Classic Machine

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Coin mechanism *

  • $0.25 1 quarter
  • $0.50 2 quaters

Dispenser *

  • Gumballs/Balls 0.86"-1.06"
Note that you will be able to put inside only products that match the dispensing wheel you choose.

Body color *

Other colors are available on request.

Stands for 1 machine

Order both Classic gumball machine and special durable die cast pipe vending stand for it. Quality welding design and powder coated provides years of efficient operating on your routes
30 day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Height 15.6 "
  • Width 8.3 "
  • Depth 8 "
  • Weight 7.94 lbs


Gumballs 22 mm, pcs700
Gumballs 25 mm, pcs450
Gumballs 27 mm, pcs320
Bouncy Balls 27 mm, pcs320
Bouncy Balls 32 mm, pcs210
Capsules 28 mm, pcs225
Capsules 33 mm, pcs180
Coins $0.25, pcs200


We are present Classic gumball vending machine. It has solid design and is intented for bulk gumballs, bouncy balls, toy capsules, pressed candy and marbles sales.

This Classic machine has a unique feature to be equipped with up to 6 slots coin mechanism at a time. It allows you to improve your business adjusting sale price of each vended product. Also you can choose from three different dispensing units to cover the most vendible sizes in the industry.

This gumball machine is secured with tough tubular key and allows to install additional cash box for easy coin collecting. The Classic globe is made of high resistance plastic. The body of the machine is available in seven bright colors as yellow, red, blue, white, orange, green and violet. Coin mech has thriple chromed coating and good lifespan.

Try Classic gumball machine by Global Gumball on your vending routs and be successful!

Vending machines with various options are available on request

Global Gumball

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