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Lil' Wizard3

Lil' Wizard - Global Gumball Bulk Vending Machine

Lil' Wizard

Lil' Wizard - Global Gumball Bulk Vending Machine

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Coin Mechanism *

T.Pico company
  • $0.25 1 quarter
  • $0.50 2 quarters
Beaver company
  • $0.25 1 quarter
  • $0.50 2 quarters
  • $0.75 3 quarters
  • $1.00 4 quarters
  • Free Spin No coins
  • Token .984 Foreign Tokens
*Note that the possible installation of coin mechanism from different manufacturers.

Dispensing Wheels *

  • Gumballs 1"
  • Bouncy Balls 1"
  • Bouncy Balls 1.02"
  • Candy
Note that you will be able to put inside only products that match the dispensing wheel you choose.

Body color *

Other colors are available on request, but depending on stock presence delivery may be delayed and an additional paint charge will be added on orders of less than 100 machines.

Stands Options

Order both Lil Wizard gumball machine and special durable die cast pipe vending stand for it. Quality welding design and powder coated provides years of efficient operating on your routes
30 day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Globe diameter 10"
  • Base diameter 12"
  • Height 27 "
  • Weight 12 lbs


Gumballs 23 mm700 pcs
Gumballs 25 mm600 pcs
Gumballs 27 mm400 pcs
Bouncy Balls 25 mm600 pcs
Bouncy Balls 27 mm500 pcs
Round Capsules 28 mm400 pcs
Candy18-22 lbs
Coins $0.251000 pcs


The Lil' Wizard is the smallest vending machine in Wizard spiral family. It is very compact and can rest on a countertop or be attached to a standard vending stand. Perfect size for gift giving, the family game room, classroom or man cave. Lil’ Wizard vends 1” gumballs and 27mm bouncy balls. The machine's body is made of injection molded ABS materials and has durable acrylic 10" globe. It comes standard Oak coin mechanism.

Global Gumball

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Machine Additional Parts

Center Rod Lil Wizard
Center Rod Lil Wizard Lil' Wizard $10.00
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