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Beaver Coin Mechanism

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Wiz-Kid Beaver Coin Mechanism

Beaver Coin Mechanism
item 10510500GG

Select options

Coin Mechanism *

  • $0.25 1 quarter
  • $0.50 2 quarters
  • $0.75 3 quarters
  • $1.00 4 quarters
  • Free Spin No Coins
  • Token .984 1 token


Select the configuration coin mechanism: the number of coins, denomination, country or the number and size of the token.

The New Generation coin mechanism has set the world standard for rotary coin mechanisms. It incorporates the security of the clutch handle with the ability to measure coins accurately for diameter and thickness, ensuring vends only when the correct denomination of coin is used. Most coins and tokens of smaller diameter will pass through to the cash box. You can order tokens or currency for over 100 countries.