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Coin Vortex3

Coin Vortex - Global Gumball Entertaining Machine

Coin Vortex

Coin Vortex - Global Gumball Entertaining Machine

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  • Height 26 "
  • Size 76"
  • Weight 225 lbs


The Coin Vortex is pure amusement for kids of all ages and a big money maker for your business or charity. Players watch multiple coins chase each around a descending parabola. The money maker for you is that there is no product to buy or refill. The Coin Vortex has two opposing coin launchers. The coins start off slowly and quickly pick up speed as they work their way down, around the parabolic dish and fall through a small hole into a secured locked cash bin. The Coin Vortex allows the players to instantly enter more coins to create more and more frantic activity which invites the entry of even more players. It works with any coin. There are no moving parts to maintain because the activity is created by the parabolic dish. The Coin Vortex is made of a high impact resistant fiberglass composites and is available in sparkling galaxy black cabinet with a solid black funnel. Custom colors available for a nominal fee. Place it in high volume foot traffic locations such as malls, supermarkets, tourist attractions or movie theaters and let it do the rest. The Coin Vortex is constructed from high impact fiberglass composites and gelcoat colors. It comes with a reinforced money door with 2 high security locks.

Please look through product video review here.

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Machine Additional Parts

L-cam for hinged door Wizard
L-cam for hinged door Wizard Coin Vortex $1.75
Pad & Launchers Coin Twister
Pad & Launchers Coin Twister Coin Vortex $255.00
Lock & Key Money Door (7/8") Wizard