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Original Wizard3

Original Wizard - Global Gumball Bulk Vending Machine

Original Wizard

Original Wizard - Global Gumball Bulk Vending Machine

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Coin Mechanism *

  • $0.25 1 quarter
  • $0.50 2 quarters
  • $0.75 3 quarters
  • $1.00 4 quarters
  • Free Spin No Coins
  • Token .984 1 token

Dispensing Wheels *

  • Gumballs 1"
  • Bouncy Balls 1"
  • Bouncy Balls 1.02"
  • Bouncy Balls 1.26"
  • Round Capsules Toys 1.26"
Note that you will be able to put inside only products that match the dispensing wheel you choose.

Body Color *

Other colors are available on request, but depending on stock presence delivery may be delayed.
Color matching available with minimum purchase required. Nominal fee may apply.

Spiral Track Color *

Lighting Options

Additional Color Lightning for your machine
30 day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Globe diameter 18"
  • Base diameter 21"
  • Height 4 ' 10 "
  • Weight 35 lbs


Gumballs 22 mm3700 pcs
Gumballs 23-24 mm3200 pcs
Gumballs 25 mm2750 pcs
Gumballs 27 mm1850 pcs
Bouncy Balls 25 mm3500 pcs
Bouncy Balls 27 mm2300 pcs
Bouncy Balls 32 mm1350 pcs
Round Capsules 28 mm2320 pcs
Round Capsules 32 mm1350 pcs
Coins $0.252000 pcs


The Original Wizard has been the leading item in our spiral gumball machine family since 1991. Its large 18" polycarbonate globe, transparent cylinder and spiral track were the first of their kind. The body is constructed of impact resistant fiberglass composites and gelcoat colors. The machine comes in a variety of bright and attractive colors. Custom colors available for a nominal fee. The Original comes standard with a Beaver coin mech.

Please look through product video review here.

Global Gumball

Machine Additional Parts

L-cam for hinged door Wizard
L-cam for hinged door Wizard Original Wizard $1.75
Brass Extension
Brass Extension Original Wizard $4.00
Cylinder Band Original Wizard
Cylinder Band Original Wizard Original Wizard $12.00
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